Studies in MSc of Geography

Admission to studies of the MSc in Geography

Here is the list of studies that the foreing student have to has in his/her BSc-level degree:

Demanded from all the students:

  • Introduction to the Dicipline of Geography , 5 ECTS (790152P)

Three courses of the following studies:

  • GIS Basics and Cartography , 5 ECTS (790101P)
  • Introduction to the Systematic Physical Geography, 5 ECTS(790192P)
  • Introduction to the Systematic Human Geography, 5 ECTS (790104P)
  • Introduction to the Regional Development and Regional Policy, 5 ECTS(790141P)
  • Introduction to the Tourism Geography, 5 ECTS (790160A)
  • Region, Culture and Society, 5 ECTS (790106A)

One of the following course based on his/her field of specialization:

  • Special Themes in Physical Geography, 5 ECTS (790303A)
  • Special Themes in Human Geography, 5 ECTS (790305A)
  • Advanced course in GIS, 5 ECTS (790342A)
  • Tourism Planning and Regional Development, 5 ECTS (790320A)

All the previous studies will be evaluated by the officer of study affairs and the professors of the department. N.B.: The Master level courses are mostly in Finnish, and it is recommended that compulsory courses of the MSc-level studies (History and Philosophy of the Geography and Quantitative Research Methods in Geography) - or corresponding MSc-level courses - will be performed in applicants home university.


Last updated: 27.7.2016