Large-scale patterns of northern freshwater biota

The number of biogeographical studies from freshwater ecosystems has increased from the early 2000s onwards. Understanding the large-scale gradients is highly important in northern freshwaters, which are especially vulnerable to global change. However, there is a clear bias in the studied freshwater biological groups at large-scales, as most of the studies have focused well-known groups, such as fish and macroinvertebrates.

Our work consists of various research themes and projects related to the patterns and processes of freshwater biota and how global change affects them. We especially focus on aquatic plants. We combine both empirical surveys and atlas data of freshwater biota with local environmental and regional biogeographical variables in explaining spatial and temporal distributions of different biological groups using modern statistical methods at regional and global scales. In this theme, we collaborate with numerous national and international fellow scientists interested in macrophytes, other aquatic assemblages and freshwaters. 

13.4.2018 Researcher

Jan Hjort

14.5.2018 Researcher

Janne Alahuhta

12.3.2019 Researcher

Olli-Matti Kärnä

16.2.2019 Researcher

Maija Toivanen

19.2.2019 Researcher

Marja Lindholm


Main objectives

  • To analyze large-scale patterns of freshwater biota and water quality at various spatial scales
  • To test biogeographical and macroecological theories using freshwater assemblages such as aquatic plants as a model group
  • To explore spatial patterns in freshwater bioassessment

Main collaborators

  • Dr. Jani Heino, Finnish Environment Institute, Oulu, Finland
  • Dr. Jukka Aroviita, Freshwater Centre, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland
  • Dr. Seppo Hellsten, Freshwater Centre, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland
  • Dr. Lars Båstrup-Spohr, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Denner S. Vieira, Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Brazil

Current Projects


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