Regional and Political Geography


…states are becoming internationally organized systems geared towards trying to separate people and circulations deemed risky or malign from those deemed risk-free or worthy of protection. This process increasingly occurs both inside and outside territorial boundaries between states, resulting in a blurring between international borders and urban/local borders. (Stephen Graham 2010)

Regional and Political Geography

Our research in Regional and Political Geography revolves, in general, around the idea of regional transformation. We start from the fact that socio-spatial structures (e.g. territories, borders), all kinds of connections, ideas, ideologies and spatial concepts are always in a perpetual, dynamic change that is related to material practices. This change increasingly occurs in a transnational world. Respectively traditional state-centric, strictly territorial views of the world are now challenged. Our research work focuses on internationally topical themes and is committed to develop further such theoretical concepts as region/territory, border, border-crossings/mobilities and control.  We therefore operate also with such classical themes as nationalism/ regionalism, governance and biopolitics.

Team members have a long track record of cutting-edge theoretical and empirical research on social construction of territories, struggles over meanings of regions and borders, identity politics, various forms of control that manifest themselves in politics, culture, economy and governance at all spatial scales. We work at and across various spatial scales in several empirical contexts: in Finland, elsewhere in the European Union, the USA and Hong Kong. Current projects work at the intersection of contemporary themes in (new) regional geography and political geography, such as neoliberalism and border governance, topological borders, securitization and biopolitics, literature and identity, and the aesthetics of warfare.

Researchers of the team have actively contributed to the development of the theoretical-methodological foundations of geography and social sciences, especially by presenting novel conceptual perspectives on such concepts as territory, region, place, space and border. Current research networks extend especially to Scandinavia, Great Britain and the USA. Researchers representing regional and political geography work in close cooperation with Regional Development and Regional Policy, and Tourism Geography Groups at the Geography Department. RELATE, the Center of Excellence nominated by the Academy of Finland (2014-2019) brings together these three departmental research teams (and the SPARG team from Tampere University) and gives synergy for our research work.


  • Professor  Anssi Paasi, PhD
  • Docent Martin Jones, PhD (Professor of Geography, University of Sheffield)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher Oliver Belcher, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Researcher Lauren Martin, PhD (Academy of Finland)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Researcher Juha Ridanpää, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Researcher Kaj Zimmerbauer, PhD
  • PhD Researcher Jonathan Burrow, MA
  • PhD Researcher Fredriika Jakola, MSc
  • PhD Researcher Joni Vainikka, MSc

Recent and ongoing research projects

  • RELATE Center of Excellence (Finnish Academy 2014-2019), Director, Professor Anssi Paasi
  • Geographies of Irony: Mikael Niemi’s literature and the renegotiation of regional identities in the Tornio Valley. Contact person: Juha Ridanpää
  • Border management, biopolitics, and narratives of border crossings" (Finnish Academy 2011-2013). Contact person: Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola
  • Mobilities, Borders, and Identity International recruitment package by Oulu University (University of Oulu 2011-2015)  Contact Person: Lauren Martin.
  • Privatizing Border Enforcement in the European Union and United States (Finnish Academy 2013-2016) Contact person: Lauren Martin
  • Region-building, boundaries and identity in a globalizing world (Finnish Academy 2008-2012). Director: Anssi Paasi, Researchers Joni Vainikka and Kaj Zimmerbauer.
  • Crossing borders, building identities: new regionalizations, tourism and everyday life in Northern Europe (Finnish Academy 2005-2009). Director Anssi Paasi, Researchers Tanja Löytynoja and Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola

Main publications since 2010

  • Belcher, Oliver (2011). The Occupied Palestinian Territories and Late-Modern Wars. Human Geography 4(1): 1-11.
  • Belcher, Oliver (2012) The Best-Laid Schemes: Postcolonialism, Military Social Science, and the Making of US Counterinsurgency Doctrine, 1947–2009. Antipode 44, 258–263.
  • Belcher, Oliver and Lauren Martin (forthcoming) Ethnographies of Closed Doors: Conceptualizing openness and closure in US immigration and military institutions. Area.
  • Johnson, Corey; Jones, Reece; Paasi, Anssi; Amoore, Louise; Mountz, Alison; Salter, Mark; Rumford, Chris (2011) Interventions on Rethinking “the Border'” in Border Studies. Political Geography vol. 30, pp. 61-69.
  • Libal, Bob and Lauren Martin, Nicole Porter. (2012). A Prison is Not a Home: Notes from the Campaign to End Immigrant Family Detention. In  Beyond Walls and Cages: Prisons, Borders, and Global Crisis. Edited by Andrew Burridge, Jenna Loyd, and Matt Mitchelson. Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press. pp. 253-265.
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