Students in Geography will first carry out 3-year studies for Bachelor of Science (BSc). Major subject is Geography.

BSc studies will give basic knowledge about scientific and geographical ways of thinking and familiarize the students with geographical concepts, theoretical and methodical contents. Studies will give basic knowledge to make spatial research in order to collect and process empirical research material, and to present and apply geographical information by different communication tools.

After the BSc studies, the students will continue to Master studies (MSc studies). Major subject is Geography. In the MSc studies, the student will deepen his/her theoretical and methodical knowledge in sense of quantitative, qualitative and GIS methods. MSc studies takes two (or two-and-half) years.

The master studies will develop students’ skills to independent geographical work and research. Studies will give strong and deep expertise and know-how for challenging posts in national and international work.

Fields of Specialization

At the University of Oulu, geography studies represent five fields of specialization:

  • Geoinformatics
  • Human geography and regional geography
  • Physical geography
  • Regional development and regional policy
  • Tourism geography


Last updated: 27.7.2016