Domestication of Indigenous Discourses?

Domestication of Indigenous Discourses? Processes of Constructing Political Subjects in Sápmi is a joint project of two Northern universities, University of Oulu and University of Lapland. It is funded by the Academy of Finland in 2015-2018.

We will benefit the concept of domestication launched by Alasuutari & Qadir (2014), referring to taming and adopting global trends to the national and local contexts. To compensate the lack of power in local and national levels, Sámi politicians have always invoked international norms, such as the discourses of indigenous peoples to support their claims. World-wide models are seldom just “copied”, but rather instituted at the own will and desire of indigenous and national leaders and decision makers. Our project grasps the concrete activities and possible frictions and tensions in constructing the Sámi political subjects.



Last updated: 16.1.2019