The research project collaborates with several international and national experts, institutions, research groups and networks:

Universities of Umeå and Tromsø provide interesting parallels for our project, especially the Centre for Sami Research (CeSam) – Vaartoe in Umeå, (Professor Patrik Lantto, head), the Center for samiske studier at the University of Tromsø (Else Grete Broderstad, head) and Tromsø Museum, University of Tromsø (førsteamanuensis Jukka Nyyssönen). Other experts are Professor Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen, UK), Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo, Norway), and Professor Nira Yuval-Davis (University of East London, UK).

The most important research projects and groups of collaboration are On "Glocal" governance:

On the meanings and consequences of the "vernacularization" of Human Rights Concepts (Academy research fellow Reetta Toivanen, University of Helsinki);

Northern Colonialism: Historical Connections, Contemporary Lives (led by Tim Ingold, University of Aberdeen); Guardian of the Lapps (led by Patrik Lantto, University of Umeå);

Indigenous Women and Self-Determination (Associate Professor Rauna Kuokkanen, University of Toronto),

Study on the participation of indigenous peoples in the public and political life with a focus on their right to maintain their cultural heritage, including sports and traditional games (Alexey Tsykarev, Vice Chair of the United Nations Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights),

Spaces and possibilities of culturally sensitive welfare services: Knowledge production and value creation with the Sámi people (Merja Laitinen, University of Lapland)

We also cooperate with the project Att samla Sápmi: Tidigmodern globalisering av samisk materiell kultur och det samiska kulturarvet idag finansieras, funded by the Swedish Research Council in 2014–2017 and led by Jonas Nordin and Carl-Gösta Ojala from the University of Uppsala.

Last updated: 25.9.2015