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Finland has one of the leading education systems in the world. Finnish expertise in education is highly valued internationally and is the basis of educational activities worldwide. Interested? We at the University of Oulu want to share our success and knowledge with you!



Proven track-record as the home of world-class education and teacher training

Finnish degrees and qualifications are held in high regard worldwide

Research-based pedagogy and an innovative approach to teaching and learning

Advanced development of Learning Environments and Education Technology

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Customized Degree Programs offer a flexible way to get the desired research-based competence with a commissioned degree certificate.

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Develop your organisation, education system or degree programmes in cooperation with experts from the University of Oulu.

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Come and experience the top-rated Finnish way of learning and teaching with us. Be inspired by the variety of pedagogical approaches and learning environments. Dive your pearl from Finland!

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Our special competence areas

At the University of Oulu we conduct multidisciplinary research and education in the following fields: 

Biochemistry is the study of life at the molecular level. Even the simplest living systems are extremely complicated and comprise a vast array of interconnecting processes. These processes are said to be governed by our genes, the genetic code which makes us who and what we are.

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Oulu Business School offer relevant and high quality business education and training with emphasis on practical applications. Versatile course portfolio offers excellent opportunities to explore all major fields in business and economics.

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The core of the discipline is formed by education and training covering the entire human life cycle from early childhood education through the learning and teaching of children and adolescents.

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The Faculty of Technology operates in the fields of Architechture, Mechanical Engineering, Process and Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Mining Engineering and Mineral Processing, Civil Engineering, Geosciences and Chemistry. Education and research are conducted in close collaboration with national and international companies, research institutions and public sector organizations.

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Teaching and research in practically all the academic disciplines concerned with achievements in the humanities: history, language and linguistics, cultural studies and literature.

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Get cutting-edge knowledge in wireless communications both at physical and network layers. We offer capability to design and implement wireless solutions, e.g., for future 5G networks, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and smart energy-efficient wireless sensor applications.

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Education in Mineral Resources and Sustainable Mining covers the entire mining value chain. We offer training of the technical, geological, financial, regulatory, environmental and social aspects of sustainable mining

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Studying natural sciences is versatile in nature both because of its working methods and its contents. The Faculty of Science at the University of Oulu is one of the most multidisciplinary and international units, in which fields of mathematics and science are widely represented. The aim of the studies is to master the basic concepts, methods and core theories of the field and to be able to put knowledge into practice

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Versatile education in the field of medicine, dentistry, health sciences, health management science, teacher education in health science and medical bioengineering.

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We offer you the best Finnish education knowledge - come discover our Arctic Attitude!

What's been said of us

- Multifunctional and innovating teaching and learning!

- Presentation in diversity topics, combination of theory and actual practice in schools were the most interesting and useful for me.


-Programme participants, Hangzhou


- I have learnt very pragmatic ways and had useful experiences!

- I will try hard to apply what I have learnt here into my own teaching

- Much appreciation to our beloved Finnish teachers!

- Finnish teachers were very committed and humorous during the training

-Programme participants, Beijing 2016


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Eva Maria Raudasoja

Director, Education and learning development and Global Education, Extension School


Esa Niemi

Head of Global Education


Anne Viherkari

Education Designer, Global Education


Elina Roininen

Designer, Global Education


Pekka Eksymä

Designer, Global Education