Introduction to Finnish Education System

This training includes a hands-on experience on the world class Finnish Education System. Learn the ways of Finnish pedagogy, experience the methods first hand during school visits and discuss the topics with Finnish Education professionals.

Examples of topics that can be covered during the training:

  • Structure of Finnish Education System
  • Basic values of Finnish Education System
  • Special Education and Inclusion
  • Teacher Education and Teacher Training Schools
  • Role of ICT in Finnish Pedagogy
  • STE(A)M Education - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics 
  • Finnish Curriculum development and implementation process
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Transversal Skills

Programme can be tailored to requests. Participants will receive a Univeristy Course Certificate Diploma.

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Details of Training

Targeted for teachers, professionals in the field of education and all interested. Suggested number of participants is max. 25. Language of the training is English. Instructors/trainers are experts from the University of Oulu. Training material is delivered in electronic format and duration of training 1-2 weeks.