Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management

The Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management is dedicated to providing quality education in Health Sciences with Master’s level education programmes offered in Nursing Science, Health Management Science and Teacher Education in Health Sciences. Studies contain high-quality teaching of relevant content and instruction in various environments, which facilitate lifelong learning. Graduates from the Health Sciences programmes become experts with the necessary skills and competence to tackle demanding tasks faced in health care both nationally and internationally. In addition, graduates are prepared to enter doctoral studies.

The versatile, cross-disciplinary Faculty of Medicine provides an excellent starting point for research. The research unit is actively involved with the surrounding society which awaits new discoveries in research that are suitable for innovative health care solutions. Research is focused on the benefits for society, the critical evaluation of health care practice and health care education along with solution finding on the national and international level. Researchers and educators from the research unit publish articles, teaching materials and educational guidelines in highly ranked national and international journals, are actively engaged in collaboration and also participate in scientific conferences worldwide.

The research unit is part of the Faculty of Medicine, which is an essential part of the Life Sciences Campus Kontinkangas and is situated next to the University Hospital of Oulu. The campus contains a unique combination of multidisciplinary partners in research, education, health services and business.