A new Professor of Nursing Science has been elected

Tarja Pölkki (PhD, docent) has been elected as Professor in Nursing Science since 17 August 2020 in the Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management at the University of Oulu.

The research group led by Tarja Pölkki develops evidence-based consistent practices to promote the well-being of individuals and families in different nursing environments. The research is multidisciplinary and leverages digital innovations to improve the effectiveness of care. 

Research focus areas include:

  • Promoting family orientation; developing instruments for the evaluation of family and people-centered care and increasing the involvement of parents/relatives in the care
  • The impact of the care and nature environment on the well-being of individuals; emphasizing the diversity of northern nature and its production virtually for different target groups
  • Pain assessment and management; producing and testing multimodal pain assessment tools (also taking into account fear, anxiety, delirium), evaluating the effectiveness of nonpharmacological methods and increasing the competence of staff and students through training interventions

In the future, Professor Tarja Pölkki's vision is to produce high-quality and socially influential clinical nursing research. This requires a close dialogue with data users and researchers, internationalization and cooperation with different disciplines.

Tarja Pölk has experience working on many projects (e.g. Pain in Early Life, NeoOpioid / EUROPAIN, ICory, InDemand) and has numerous international partnerships in Europe, Asia and North-America. She has been the editor-in-chief of the journal called Nursing Evidence for several years, and published articles in scientific journals of high quality with one of the reputable publications Lancet Respiratory Medicine. Tarja Pölkki’s research action has a high societal relevance at local, national and international level.  An example of this is the development of a pain assessment scale (NIAPAS) in collaboration with nursing staff, which was rewarded as a major act “100 tekoa, Oulu”.  She is currently chairing a clinical practice guideline development group on the effectiveness of nonpharmacological methods for revieving neonates’ pain in intensive care. Her particular interests are on vulnerable patient groups and the promotion of their well-being.

Last updated: 5.10.2020