Sirpa Aalto: Publications and Research Projects

Research and teaching:


  • Viking Age and Early Middle Ages in Scandinavia, Middle Ages in Iceland, Old Norse Sagas and Historiography, identities, cultural contacts


Research projects:


  • Member in the research group Viikinkiaika Suomessa – Viking Age in Finland


Selected publications:

List of publications (pdf)

  • Categorizing Otherness in the Kings’ Sagas. Dissertations in Social Sciences and Business Studies No 10. University of Eastern Finland. Tampere: Juvenes Print 2010.
  • “Commercial Travel and Hospitality in the Kings’ Sagas”, Mirator 10:1 (2009), ISSN 1457-2362.
  • “Islantilaiset saagat historian tutkimuksen lähteinä”, Keskiajan avain, Lamberg, M., Lahtinen, A., & Niiranen, S. (Toim.). Helsinki: SKS 2009, 66-75.
  • ”Muukalaisuus Snorri Sturlusonin Heimskringlassa – tapaus Finnar”, Historiallinen Aikakauskirja 1/2005, 27-33.
  • ”Encountering Otherness in Heimskringla”, Ennen & Nyt 4/2004,

Last updated: 4.6.2012