Academy of Finland funding for refugee history

Academy of Finland has awarded four year funding (2017-2021) for research project Recognition and belonging: forced migrations, troubled histories and memory cultures (REBEL), in Finnish "Tunnustuksia: Pakolaisuuden hankalat historiat ja muistamisen kulttuurit". Multidisciplinary project is led by Adj. Professor Seija Jalagin. Other members of the research group are PhD Outi Autti (sociology), PhD Hanna-Leena Nissilä (literarute) ja Phil.Lic. Ilmari Leppihalme (Literature).

The photo above by Outi Autti depicts piece of Strijdom van der Merwe's Diaspora, on display in X-border Art Biennale in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Last updated: 26.6.2017