Northern Rural Youth in Flux


Project description

Northern Rural Youth in Flux (NorFlux) focuses on the everyday life, pathways to the future and constructions of girlhood in Sámi homeland. We invite indigenous and non-indigenous girls from the age group of 14-16 years to participate. The project focuses on the transition phase from compulsory school to upper secondary level through questions of belonging and intergenerationality. Questions of belonging will be approached from the perspective of historical consciousness, by paying attention to the role that local cultures and history, as well as family binds play in the life choices of the northern girls.

Our aim is to increase knowledge about girls living outside the cities and southern parts of Finland. Girlhood in the northern and arctic areas remains an under-researched area both in the fields of history and youth studies. NorFlux aims at highlighting the diversity and intersectionality of the Finnish Sámi homeland with multidisciplinary approach, by combining methodologies of history, indigenous research and girl studies.

The project is funded by the Eudaimonia Institute, University of Oulu, through 2018-2022 (Call for Emerging projects 2018). The project is led by PhD, Adjuct Professor Kaisa Vehkalahti and carried out by PhD researcher, MA Helena Pennanen. The PhD is supervised by Vehkalahti and PhD (So.Sci.), Director of the Giellagas Institute Anni-Siiri Länsman.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu


Helena Pennanen

Helena Pennanen

Kaisa Vehkalahti

Kaisa Vehkalahti

Academy Research Fellow