History of Science and Ideas was successful in the RAE Research Evaluation

Two research groups representing History of Science and Ideas belong to a Research Community "The Age of Adjustments? Critical and historical perspectives on governing citizens, health and environment (AgeAds)", which received the highest grade (6=outstanding) in the research evaluation conducted by international scientific panels at the University of Oulu (RAE2014). AgeAds participated in the category New openings (Veni), and the research community, the Head of which is prof. Hannu Heikkinen, consists of 5 research groups in the fields of cultural anthropology, human geography, philosophy and history of science and ideas. The two projects within the history of science and ideas are Heini Hakosalo’s  (Academy Researcher) ”Common goods: History of health and well-being in Finland, from the 18th to the 20th century” and prof. Petteri Pietikäinen’s “Mental health, medicine and social engineering in the 20th Century Finland.”

Last updated: 27.2.2014