Kone Foundation funds post doc research on the history of communal exclusion in ancient Greece.

In her postdoctoral research project The Mechanisms, Motives and Changing Manifestations of Exclusion in Classical and Hellenistic Greece (MMMEx), Dr Suvi Kuokkanen from the History of Sciences and Ideas -unit analyses the historical developments, institutional manifestations, and varying rationales of communal exclusion in ancient Greece. The main objective of her project is to investigate the motives, and possible changes in these, of Greek citizen bodies to resort to institutions of communal exclusion such as ostracism (a ten-year banishment determined by the people through referendum), atimia (removal of one’s public status without physical exile), and diapsêphismos (civic scrutiny which led to disenfranchisement and was practiced through a vote by ballot within the demes). The project will result in an in-depth study on the motives of the Greek citizen bodies to exclude individuals from public life. The key research themes are related to citizen identity, ideas of punishment in Greek thought, and communal control of aggression and hostility. During her project she will collaborate with Professor Douglas L. Cairns and Dr Mirko Canevaro from the University of Edinburgh, who are in charge of the ERC AdG -project Honour in Classical Greece: Esteem, Status, Identity and Society in Ancient Greek Literature, Life and Thought. Dr. Kuokkanen's research is funded by Kone Foundation for the years 2019 - 2021.


Last updated: 13.2.2019