University of Oulu, 2016

Focus Group

Focus Group has been formed in order to develop the studies of Digital Humanities.

Members of the Focus Group:

Coordinator Ritva Kylli, University Lecturer (History)
Kaisa Vehkalahti, Senior Research Fellow (History)
Annamari Martinviita, Postdoctoral Researcher (English Philology)
Florence Oloff, Assistant Professor (Tenure track) (English Philology) 
Tiina Äikäs, Postdoctoral Researcher (Archaeology)
Marko Jouste, University Lecturer (Saami Culture)
Niina Kunnas, University Lecturer (Finnish language)
Terttu Kortelainen, University Lecturer (Information Studies)
Steven Coats, University Lecturer (English Philology)
Heini Hakosalo, Senior Research Fellow, (History of Science and Ideas)

Email address: firstname.lastname(a)

Last updated: 11.12.2019