University of Oulu, 2016


All students, whether studying for a degree or here on exchange, whether Finnish or international, will have a Student Tutor to help when starting studies at University of Oulu. Our tutors are senior students from the same field and they have been trained for their work.

Student tutors for international students are called kummi students. Kummi is there to help with arrival matters, such as registration to University, and getting to know the University and the City of Oulu.

Together with their tutor a group of about ten students gets to know their own field and faculty better, how things work on campus and in Oulu in general. Students new to Oulu will thus have their first group of friends right away and feel more like home.

For further information, see: Student tutoring, Kummi Students

Furthermore, each of University of Oulu's degree programmes has one or more named Tutor Teachers. Tutor Teachers are there to help students plan and evaluate their study progress. Tutor Teachers familiarise students to their field of study, occupational issues, and to important questions in working life. Students receive Personal Study Plan (PSP)  advising from their personal tutor teachers or other PSP advisors appointed by the faculty. See a video on creating the Personal Study plan. 

Last updated: 2.1.2019