University of Oulu, 2016

Minor subjects

Studying in the Faculty of Humanities is relatively free. In many fields of study the students can build up their degree depending on where their interests lay.

Minor subjects are important aspects of the student’s degree. They form nearly 60% of the Candidate’s degree and about one-third of the Master’s degree. Students familiarize themselves with the minor subject options when putting together their personal study plan (PSP).

The faculty annually arranges an information session on minor subjects and, every spring, the Humanities Guild organizes the Humanistien työllistymispäivät event (‘Employment Opportunities in the Humanities’), which educates students about the impact of minor subject choices on future employment prospects.

When choosing a minor subject, it would be wise to use the university’s expert resources, i.e. the subjects’ student counsellors and teacher tutors, the faculty’s Chief Academic Officer as well as the university’s Student and Career Counselling services.

The minor subjects offered at the Faculty of Humanities can be seen on the left side bar. The major subjects offered by the faculty can also be studied as minor subject.

Last updated: 2.1.2019