Logopedics is a discipline that examines the versatility of normal development of speech, language and communication skills as well as disorders related to these. The main focus of the studies is on the manifestations of voice, speech, language and communication as well as on the prevention of disorders, rehabilitation and efficiency of rehabilitation.

Upon completion of the degree programme in Logopedics, students may apply for qualification from Valvira, the Finnish National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, in order to operate as a licensed speech therapist or as a professional in various job settings that require expertise in speech, language and communication. The degree programme in Logopedics aims to train the students to become multidisciplinary experts. To attain this goal, the programme focuses on appropriate selection of topics and on the multidisciplinarity of research in the field.

Studying logopedics familiarizes the students with the normal development of speech, language and communication as well as with related disorders and with multiprofessional diagnostics and the rehabilitation of such disorders. Besides the core Logopedics studies, psychology, medicine, phonetics and linguistics in particular have a prominent position in the studies.

In the Logopedics programme, students first complete the three-year-long Bachelor of Arts degree (180 ECTS credits) and then move on to the two-year-long Master of Arts degree (120 ECTS credits). Studies include instruction on theory, guided clinical learning, training to become a therapist and independent training in the profession of speech therapy.

Fostering professional skills and research during the studies is essentially important for the student’s development in the discipline. Logopedics represents one of the Faculty of Humanities’ core focuses: research concerning language, education and communication. At the University of Oulu, the research focus is on the study of children’s language as well as the disorders related to it and neurocognitive study of language.

This research is carried out primarily at the Child Language Research Centre and at the Neurocognitive unit. Students are obliged to take part, to a reasonable degree, in the department’s research activities, for example by being a test subject or a data collector in a Logopedics research project. The degree in Logopedics provided by the University provides students the academic qualifications required to apply for a Doctoral degree programme in Logopedics.

Study guidance is provided by Amanuensis Kaisu Heinänen, tel. +358 29 448 3393, logo.amanuenssi@oulu.fi

Last updated: 2.10.2019