Swedish Language

Studying Swedish Language in the University of Oulu translates to a variety of studies in Swedish language and culture, taught in Swedish. In addition to Swedish studies our selection of courses includes individual study packages in the Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic languages.

Studies inSwedish Language cover core skills required in the subject: language use, language structure, as well as language in relation to culture (i.e. Swedish Literature, Swedish and Fenno-Swedish culture, business culture). As studies progress the emphasis of teaching shifts to enhancing a student’s abilities in, and understanding of, the various disciplines within the subject, such as Communication Science, Language Pedagogics, Translation Studies, Literature, Sociolinguistics and Stylistics.

An immersive language training period in a Scandinavian language environment is also included in the studies.

Study guidance is provided by lecturer Kirsi Lepistö, +358 (0)294 483416, kirsi.lepisto(at)oulu.fi.

Last updated: 2.10.2019