Film Studies

The primary object of study in Film Studies is film. However, film is part of a wider audiovisual media culture and is closely related to “traditional” audiovisual media such as television and radio as well as a wide range of so-called new media. Courses in Film Studies familiarise students with film and audiovisual media culture as historical, cultural and aesthetic phenomena.

The main focus of the studies is on technologically, aesthetically and institutionally established film, the history and presence of which also provides a perspective for analysis of the development and present state of wider audiovisual culture.

Film Studies provides the students with the fundamental skills needed for theoretical analysis and examination of aesthetic features and institutional relations of films and their development.

In addition, Film Studies aims to provide students with an understanding of media culture and its development and technological manifestations in a wider historical context. Audiovisual media culture is such a fundamental part of contemporary society that acquiring an understanding of it is essential for all cultural studies. Therefore, taking Film Studies as a subsidiary (minor) subject is particularly beneficial to all cultural disciplines oriented towards the humanities or social studies.

Students who aim for careers in the fields of culture, art and communication will find a background in film studies useful. In addition, the subject provides the students aiming to become teachers with the official qualification to teach the subject in the Finnish school system.

Study guidance is offered by Kari Ilmari Leppihalme, the Lecturer of Film Studies, tel. +358 29 448 3337, ilmari.leppihalme(a)

Last updated: 2.10.2019