French Language

The aim of the French Language study programme is to provide the students with a firm command of French and familiarise them with research in the field as well as with the contemporary situation, literature and culture of France as well as other French-speaking countries.

The goal is providing the students with the tools, knowledge and skills necessary for scholarly work as well as encouraging them to work independently, critically and analytically.

French Language as a subsidiary subject (minor) is composed of 60 ECTS credits: 25 ECTS of Basic Studies and 35 ECTS of Intermediate Studies. The smallest package for taking French as a subsidiary subject is the Basic Studies (25 ECTS) plus the French Supplementary Course. Advanced Studies in French Language can be completed, for example, at Turku or Tampere University.

French is the mother tongue for 100-115 million people; approximately 220 million people worldwide speak French. It is the second most important mother tongue in the EU and an official language in 32 countries. 

The French Language study package provides the students with excellent skills needed for advancing their understanding of the multi-centric world politically, economically and culturally.

In addition to language skills, studies of French Language emphasise the study and understanding of cultural backgrounds. Literature, culture and history form an essential part of the identities of France and French-speaking countries.

The international character of French enables students to familiarise themselves with the multicultural world outside Europe as well. Thanks to numerous EU programmes, students also have the possibility to complete part of their studies in in France, at the universities of Artois or Rennes.

Study guidance is provided by Lecturer Heli Heinonen-Aho, tel: +358 29 448 3345, heli.heinonen-aho(a)



Last updated: 2.10.2019