University of Oulu, 2016

Faculty Board

Duties of Faculty Board

The Faculty Board

  • approves the strategic plan for action of the Faculty and determines the resources required in the implementation of the plan, in line with the University strategy;
  • monitors and, if necessary, directs the implementation of the plan;
  • determines the general guidelines for the plan for action and budget of the Faculty;
  • approves the plan for action and budget of the Faculty as well as the staff policy plan, which in the case of professorships is subjected to approval by the Rector,
  • monitors the activities and finances of the Faculty and
  • monitors and provides information concerning the Faculty both to members of staff and to students.

Members of the Faculty Board

  • Paula Rossi, Professor, Dean
  • Sari Kunnari, Professor
  • Petteri Pietikäinen, Professor
  • Jussi Ylikoski, Professor, 1st substitute member
  • Kari Alenius, Professor, 2nd substitute member
  • Leila Paavola-Ruotsalainen, University Lecturer
  • Satu Selkälä, University Lecturer
  • Heini Hakosalo, University Lecturer, 1st substitute member
  • Marjatta Jomppanen, University Lecturer, 2nd substitute member
  • Emma Hulkkonen, Student
  • Salla Napari, Student
  • Eetu Leinonen, Student, substitute member
  • Juhani Kostet, Docent
  • Matti Enbuske, Dean of Education, Presenter


Last updated: 7.1.2021