Research ethics

The University of Oulu is committed to follow the Guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity 2012 concerning responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct. The guidelines instruct researchers on the selection and use of ethically responsible and appropriate practices throughout the research process in consideration of all involved.

The University of Oulu ensures that its researchers adhere to and promote responsible conduct of research by teaching ethical principles to all degree students, by guiding doctoral students to consider the ethical aspects of their theses in particular and of research in general (e.g. the course Scientific Research and Ethics is compulsory at the University of Oulu Graduate School), by providing appropriate and up-to-date training to members of staff and by conducting ethical reviews on research projects in specific Ethics Committees.

Research projects that are prepared and carried out at the Faculty of Humanities are primarily reviewed by the Ethics Committee of Human Sciences. The Committee provides statements on non-medical research projects in the human sciences and responds to queries about other ethical concerns in this field of research.

Last updated: 12.5.2020