University of Oulu, 2016

Study guide

The Faculty of Humanities offers a wide variety of subjects (about 30), of which 13 lead to graduation in the field.

The study guides 2017-2018 in English are available in WebOodi.


Programme structure diagrams, academic year 2018 - 2019

Degree programme in History, Culture and Communication

  • Archaeology: BA and MA
  • Cultural Anthropology: BA and AM
  • History: BA and MA
  • History of Science and Ideas: BA and MA
  • Information Studies: BA and MA
  • Saami Culture: BA and MA
  • Science Communication: MA

Degree programme in Languages and Literature

  • English Philology: BA and MA
  • Finnish Language: BA and MA
  • German Philology: BA and MA
  • Literature: BA and MA
  • Saami Languages (Inari Saami and North Saami): BA and MA
  • Swedish Language: BA and MA

Degree programme in Logopedics

  • Logopedics: BA and MA




Last updated: 2.1.2019