Cultural change, interaction and human agency

Several humanistic disciplines in the Faculty research cultural phenomena in human societies, often in the long term/ diachronically. Interaction between human beings is investigated on the individual and group level. The concept of identity is closely connected to human agency, and is examined through amongst other things language usage and histories.

"Discussion has its own grammar. I study how people build and recognise these structures.”

- Maria Frick, Researcher of Discussion
Meet the Researchers
8.12.2017 Researcher

Pentti Haddington

27.2.2018 Researcher

Maija-Leena Huotari

10.10.2017 Researcher

Antti Kamunen

4.10.2017 Researcher

Tiina Keisanen

14.12.2017 Researcher

Kaisu Koivumäki (Innanen)

29.9.2017 Researcher

Katrin Korkalainen

15.10.2019 Researcher

Riitta Kosunen

29.9.2017 Researcher

Niina Kunnas

9.4.2018 Researcher

Florence Oloff

13.11.2017 Researcher

Andrew Pattison

10.10.2017 Researcher

Mirka Rauniomaa

17.9.2019 Researcher

Sandra Reimann

22.4.2019 Researcher

Paula Rossi

23.8.2019 Researcher

Tiina Räisänen

7.11.2017 Researcher

Pauliina Siitonen

16.10.2017 Researcher

Maarit Siromaa

27.1.2020 Researcher

Jarkko Toikkanen

13.9.2017 Researcher

Anna Vatanen