University of Oulu, 2016

Are you interested in studying with Japanese exchange students in a workshop course?

Living in Japan & Finland (5 ECTS):

Japanese university students arrive in September to Faculty of Humanities to study in Scandinavian Studies Summer Programme (Sept 2nd - Sept 18th). Living in Japan & Finland course is arranged as a part of the Summer Programme. The core of the course is Designing Survival Kit for Students workshop in which Japanese students work together with the students of the University of Oulu.

Requirements for 5 ETCS is participation to the workshop and group work as well as writing a report after the course. (Course code 700584P, 5 ECTS, grading 0-5/5)


Contents of the course

In the workshop you’ll work together with Japanese students to explore Japanese and Finnish culture. Workshop consist of lectures and group work in which students discuss Japanese and Finnish society from a students’ point of view: what kind of information you’ll need as an exchange student, what should you know about the culture etc. Students make information packages to be used in marketing the exchange programme and Summer School.


The schedule
3rd Sept 12–16: Workshop starts, forming the groups and assignment

5th Sept 10–12: Lecture, 12–14 independent group work

12th Sept 10–12: Independent group work
13th Sept 10–12: Independent group work

13th Sept 14–16: Independent group work
17th Sept 9–12: Group presentations and discussion


The teacher of the course is Post-Doctoral researcher Erkki T. Lassila; enroll on the workshop course via email as soon as possible but 23th August at the latest.


We are also searching for tutors for the Summer Programme of Japanese Students. Please read more:

You can get 5 ECTS from tutoring Japanese students and also 5 ECTS from the workshop. Workshop and tutoring offer an excellent opportunity to networking and familiarizing with Japanese culture! 

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