Faculty of Humanities Erasmus Application Instructions

Erasmus Application Instructions for Academic Year 2018-19

1.       Application deadline, destinations and info sessions

Erasmus application round for AY 2018-19 for students in the Faculty of Humanities is open during 15.02. - 26.02.2018.  This application round is for exchanges both in the Autumn Semester 2018 and in the Spring Semester 2019.

Info Sessions (with same contents) will be held on:

Fri, Jan 19th, 2018 at 10.00-11.00 in Room HU205


Thur, Feb 25th, 2018 at 16.00-17.00 in HU205

Tips for choosing the host university

Before applying, go through the host university’s web pages and look for information for exchange students.

Check the following:

·         Available courses for exchange students, level (Bachelor/Master) and the language of instruction – all courses done during exchange must be transferred to your degree,

·         The dates of the host university's academic calendar  - semester dates are often different from those in Finnish universities,

·         The application procedure (eg. online/paper application) and the required documents – most universities require some kind of Language Certificate.

Take a look also at the feedback provided by former exchange students (mostly in Finnish). Feedback available in SoleMOVE .

2.       Requirements (Please read carefully!)

Please make sure that you fulfill the following requirements before applying.

  • All applicants must have completed their first year in the Faculty of Humanities (i.e. about 55 credits) before the exchange begins.
  • Consult your "omaopettaja" on your Learning Agreement
  • To get accepted on exchange, the average grade of all studies must be around 3.0 (Good).
  • The student's language skills must be sufficient: B2 level in English language or B1 in other languages is required. Universities' requirements for exchange students vary, so please check the requirements of the host university.

3.       How to apply?

a.        Apply via SoleMOVE Online system

  • The SoleMOVE application is the first phase of selection, in which we assign the applicant a host university according to the availability of choices listed in the application. The application period for this phase closes on Monday, 26th of February, at 23:59, 2018. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Important: when filling in the application, choose your Major Subject under Faculty of Humanities as “home institution”. Do not choose University of Oulu as "home institution" or leave this section blank!

  • Fill in your average grade of all studies (in section Current studies). This will speed up the application process.

  • It is recommended that you list 3-5 possible choices as host universities. This will increase your possibilites to get accepted!

  • Attach a preliminary study plan or Learning Agreement (with a total of 30 credits) from http://www.oulu.fi/yliopisto/node/34800  and a Transcript that shows the average grade of your studies in your application. The transcript that you get from Weboodi does not show your average grades. Transcripts can be obtained from Faculty of Humanities  Study Affairs,  http://www.oulu.fi/yliopisto/koulutuksen-lahipalvelut  http://www.oulu.fi/university/faculty-study-affairs.

  • SoleMOVE study plan/Learning Agreement is a preliminary list of courses that you plan to take during your exchange. It should include courses worth a total of 30 credits. In case the host university has not provided updated course information for the following academic year, please use the available course catalogue. The final Learning Agreement can be updated later.

Instructions on SoleMOVE use available HERE.

b.       Faculty of Humanities Selects the Applicants for the 2nd Phase

  • Faculty of Humanities does the selection by assigning host universities to students whose applications fulfill the minimum requirements (credits completed and average grade in all studies). 

  • Applicants receive the decision (Accepted or Not Accepted) via SoleMOVE by mid-March. After the decisions have been made, the student will also receive instructions on how to proceed.

  • Remember to give a valid email address (preferably your University of Oulu address) in your SoleMOVE application, so that you will receive emails regarding your application.

  • In case you do not receive any emails from SoleMOVE or the status of your application does not change from “Application sent” to “Processing”, please contact study.humanities (at) oulu.fi ASAP.  

  • Please note: processing applications and informing students about the selections take time and not all applicants will receive a decision at the same time.

c.        Students Apply to the Host University

  • After the SoleMOVE application is accepted and the student has confirmed it, the student proceeds to submit an application to the host university. Students must confirm their exchange in SoleMOVE in order to receive important messages from the University, regarding Erasmus grants etc. before, during and after exchange.

  • OBS will nominate the selected student, ie. inform the host university the student's contact information. After this the student receives a link to the host university's online application. Some universities require application documents and attachments to be setn by post.

  • Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all application documents reach the host university before the deadline. Please check the application deadlines and instructions directly from host university’s web pages – instructions and deadlines vary.

  • In case you’ll need to cancel your exchange, please inform us immediately at study.humanities(at)oulu.fi

4.       Information on Erasmus Grants

Accepted students will receive an Erasmus grant to support the exchange period.

5.       Information on Language Skills

  • In case the host university requires (most universities do) a proof of your language skills, you can order a language certificate from the Extension School. They provide a) CEFR certificates based on language courses done at the University of Oulu and b) CEFR certificates based on  a language test. Contact arja.alin(at)oulu.fi, Tel 0294 483201, Room EO210, ATK-katu, 2nd floor.

  • Please see more info on Language Services’s web site (in Finnish).

Contact Language Services:

Tel 0294 483201
Room EO210, ATK-katu, 2nd floor.

6.       Information on other exchange programmes

You can find more information on University of Oulu's exchange programmes at:

More information

If you have further questions, please attend the Erasmus Info Session

either on

Friday Jan 19th, 2018 at 10.00-11.00 in Room HU205
or on
Thur, Feb 25th, 2018 at 16.00-17.00 in HU205

Or send an email to study.humanities(at)oulu.fi.

Best regards,

Riitta Kataja
Education Designer
study.humanities(at)oulu.fi, +358 294 484050, Office: Opintokatu, G2 door, 2nd floor, Room KE217
Academic Affairs
Faculty of Humanities


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