Private partner organisations

Outotec Oyj

Outotec is a leading global provider and developer of sustainable technology solutions and life cycle services for its customers in minerals processing, metals processing, renewable energy production, and industrial water treatment. Outotec's two in-house research centres, state-of-the-art laboratories, and test facilities have made it possible that dozens of Outotec technologies are today industry benchmarks.

UPM-Kymmene Corporation

UPM is a world leading company in utilising forest biomaterials in pulp and paper products, as well as in biofuels and new products, e.g. biocomposites and biochemicals. For UPM it is crucial to be involved with the newest technology that provides a better understanding of the structures and properties of materials and gives possibilities to develop better processes and new end-products.

Luxmet Ltd

Luxmet develops advanced control systems for the Steel and Metal industries. The control systems are based on optical measurements and analysis of various types of light. The main focus area of Luxmet is the control of electric arc furnaces, for which it has developed a system enabling on-line measurement of scrap melting. The company is preparing to deploy the first commercial installation in autumn 2015. Luxmet actively develops control systems for other steel making furnaces, utilizing the latest research results, and seeks new applications of its technology.

Sensapex Oy

Sensapex develops proprietary technology based cell research products for the biomedical industry and academic institutions. Current products are ultra-high precision micromanipulations for electrophysiology, imaging and optogenetics. Sensapex has in-house manufacturing capabilities and a fully equipped test facility for high precision dimensional and position measurements as well as good infrastructures for environmental and EMC testing.

Timegate Instruments Oy

Timegate Instruments Oy manufactures analytical instruments for material identification, concentration quantification, and quality control. Its patented Timegated Raman technology radically improves the measurement performance and opens up new markets where Raman spectroscopy has not been applicable. Timegate Instruments Oy is participating in I4Future to find new ways to exploit the technology in various imaging applications.

Philips Healthcare (MR Therapy)

Philips Healthcare's center of excellence in Finland focuses on magnetic resonance (MR) imaging for therapy guidance. The unit develops products for use of MR in radiotherapy planning and for MR-guided radiotherapy, and for MR-HIFU, which uses MR-based thermal imaging while thermally treating tissue using high-intensity focused ultrasound. MR Therapy unit has cross-functional R&D and operational teams and collaborates with luminary clinical and academic centres worldwide.

Planmeca Oy

Planmeca develops, manufactures and markets X-ray imaging systems for dental and medical applications. Research interests of Planmeca in this context are the development of cone beam CT (CBCT) imaging ; especially image and spectral data processing and analysis. The aim is to provide medical experts with the best and most accurate information for diagnosis in a reasonable timeframe. The final content is negotiable but preliminary content could be for example studying spectral imaging theories in medical diagnostics, clinical benefits of it, studies done with spectral CT machines which are already in the market, studies with cone beam CT spectral data and studies on the image processing methods. It could be said that the primary focus is to look spectral imaging from clinicians perspective, from vast amount of data what is essentially needed, how it is processed and how it is visualized for diagnostics.

Detection Technology Oyj

Detection Technology is a global provider of X-ray imaging products and services for Medical, Security and industrial applications. Detection Technology designs high performance, reliable and cost-efficient X-ray imaging components and subsystems. Detection Technology is interested in improvements in electronics reliability, emerging uses for imaging methods in processing, and data analysis methods for effective utilisation of imaging information.

Admescope Ltd

Admescope is a preclinical contract research organisation providing tailor-made ADME-Tox (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity) services for drug discovery companies. The expertise of Admescope lies in drug metabolism, drug, interactions, pharmacokinetic and quantitative bioanalysis. Admescope is serving customers from small biotech companies to top-10 big pharma companies in 21 countries on four continents.

Rikola Ltd

Rikola is an expert in miniature spectral measurement tools and works as a strategic partner for customers in the paper and pulp process control sector, the oil industry, food industry and others. Rikola develops miniaturised hyperspectral imaging systems and methods for extraction of relevant data from large data cubes of spectral images.


Specim is in the forefront with new technological solutions applied to hyperspectral imaging. Their first products were developed in close collaboration with NASA to meet the requirements of the most advanced applications in remote sensing. Today they continue to be technological leaders in the realm of hyperspectral imaging with more than 4000 instruments and spectrographs delivered and in daily use.


Last updated: 2.2.2018

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