Nacer Boudjemia

Research group: Nano and molecular systems research unit
Research subject: Deep core-photoionisation of atoms, molecules and nanoparticles using hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
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On my own words (updated)

Currently I`m a doctoral student at the University of Oulu, Faculty of science, Nano and Molecular systems research unit. My research subject is ‘Deep core-photoionisation of atoms, molecules and clusters using hard X-ray: experiments and calculation using relativistic multi-configurational Dirac-Fock theory’.  I am collaborating with Laboratoire de Chime physique matiere et rayonement (LCPMR) located at the university of Pierre et Marie Curie known as Paris 6 university. I have four years to focus on this project and I started working in January 2017. I am from Algeria where I have studied 5 years at the University A. MIRA, Bejaia, I obtained a Bachelor degree in general Physics and a Master degree in solid state physics, Nanomaterials and nanocomposites, subject of graduation: “synthesis and characterisation of nanoparticles.” During the last year of my Master’s work, I got teaching experience at Adekar - high school where I thought physics and chemistry. In August 2015, I got funding to continue my studies in France at University of Paris Est Marne La Vallee, where I also obtained a Master degree in chemical physics and Molecular Applications in June 2016. The subject of the thesis was “Ultra-fast relaxation dynamics of isolated chiral molecules using pump-probe laser technic’. After my graduation, I thought Chemistry and physics at Gutenberg High school Creteil near Paris. I am aiming to obtain my PhD degree by the end of 2020 and continue my career as a research and development engineer in chemical physics (spectroscopy and quantum mechanics), on which I focus to find cures for certain diseases, like cancer, using X-ray spectroscopy.

Last updated: 9.4.2020

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