Mostafa Ismail

Research group: Fiber and Particle Engineering
Research subject: Advanced imaging techniques for lignocellulose materials
Researcher profile:


Official interview

Who are you?
To make a long story short, I am Mostafa Ismail ’Mosse’ for short, I am an Egyptian student who started as a part of the I4future program 6 months ago.

Where you come from?
Originally, born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. However, I have spent most of my adult life in Germany.

What you have done before coming to Oulu?
I was working! Well I did my Bachelors and Masters in Egypt, Germany and Sweden. After that and right before I came to Oulu I was working as a material engineer in Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart.

Why did you decide to come to Oulu?
The opportunity was just too good to miss; I have always wanted to work in research and do my PhD. I4Future will allow me to have an international experience and an industrial while working in research as I always wanted and get the degree I dreamt of.

What is the name of your research project?
Advanced imaging of bio-based materials

What is the expected main outcome from your research project (tell why it is important to study your subject, who can benefit from your results)?
We are planning to implement new characterization techniques in investigated cellulose based materials, nano cellulose in particular, in order to understand how the structure works and utilize the best outcome for the commercial use.

What you would like to do after you have got PhD degree?
Either still work in research, in a company, as a part of an academic group or even start my own start-up!

What I4 Future program has so far given to you? What has been good? Have you missed something?
I have been provided with good care so far, having the funding for the period of my PhD in advance is always an advantage and it gives a piece of mind, I4future provided me with that. In addition, the courses that helps with starting my own business entity are also great to have as a part of this program.
Since we are the first group to have been a part of such a huge funding program there are some aspects that are missing… some organizational aspects, for example, some of the agreements papers and the double degree agreements were not organized before we started our employment here in Oulu. Another point is that some aspects of the funding (as travel funds, or time abroad funding) were also not clear from the start and then we got to learn that we will not be provided by those funds unless from an external source.

What kind of the atmosphere /weather in Oulu has been in your opinion?
The work atmosphere is great! At least in the fibre and particle engineering department. Everyone is so cooperative and helpful; my supervisors give me the room to work at the same time they have my back in every way. As for the weather outside…just look out the window… yes, I know, it’s cold...


On my own words

Faculty of technology/ Fiber and Engineering department / advanced imaging and characterization of nano cellulose networks, composites and nano-cellulose hydrogel. Partner: University of Lund

Started 15.02.2017 my position is to be filled for 4 years.

I have started my studies in Material science and Engineering, I have a double bachelor degree from Ainshams University in Egypt and TU Clausthal in Germany. In addition I have a double master’s degree from the University of Saarland in Germany and Lulea technical University in Sweden.

Right after graduating I have worked in the automotive industry for a year and half in places like Porsche, Daimler in Stuttgart.


  • To dive into research and develop a product that will be of help to the community and industry.
  • be able to leave a mark in the academic community and achieve novelty
  • To build an international network of contacts that will help in the future
  • To have ties to the industry in order to secure a better future for my research and my work.

Last updated: 2.3.2018

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