Research group: Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine
Research subject: Role of M. tuberculosis Mce4A-F proteins in steroid transport and cell invasion
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Official interview

Who are you?
I am Pooja, an early-stage researcher at University of Oulu.

Where you come from?
I come from Delhi, India.

What you have done before coming to Oulu?
I have completed my bachelors and masters in Biotechnology from Delhi, India. I was also working as a Junior Research Fellow at a research institute in India.

Why did you decide to come to Oulu?
I always wanted to do my PhD from Europe, and University of Oulu offered me a very exciting project for the same.

What is the name of your research project?
Structural and functional characterization of Mammalian Cell Entry (Mce 4) proteins from ”Mycobacterium tuberculosis”.

What is the expected main outcome from your research project
The main outcome from my research project is to find out the structure of Mce4 proteins.
Tuberculosis (TB) has always remained a major public health problem affecting 1.8 billion people worldwide. Approximately 1.3 million people die from tuberculosis annually. Available drugs for tuberculosis infection have various limitations so there is a constant need to develop new drugs against tuberculosis. It has been shown that Mce4 proteins are expressed in the later phase of infection and imports cholesterol for long-term survival of the bacteria. Thus, the structure elucidation of Mce4 proteins will be useful for the designing of drugs against tuberculosis infection (‘structure-based drug design cycle’).

What you would like to do after you have got PhD degree?
After PhD degree, I would like to make a transition to industrial based research.

What I4FUTURE program has so far given to you? What has been good? Have you missed something?
I4FUTURE program has given me an opportunity to start my career in research. In addition, the secondment program of I4FUTURE gave a chance to work and interact with experts of mycobacterium field.

What kind of the atmosphere /weather in Oulu has been in your opinion?
Apart from the extreme cold weather, I like everything about Oulu. It is a beautiful place.

10.   Have you already published results? If yes, where?



Last updated: 23.9.2019

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