Mohammad Asadur Rahman

Research group: Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine
Research subject: Structural and functional studies on the assembly of mycobacterial Mce ABC importers
Researcher profile: Coming soon ...


Official interview

Who are you?
This is Mohammad Asadur Rahman, an I4FUTURE PhD Student at FBMM (Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine), University of Oulu.

Where you come from?
I am from Bangladesh.

What you have done before coming to Oulu?
I did my BSc in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology from University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh and MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Huazhong Agricultural University, China.

Why did you decide to come to Oulu?
I got the opportunity to pursue my PhD with I4FUTURE Funding at the University Oulu in my desired field of study.

What is the name of your research project?
The title of my research project is "Structural and functional studies of Mycobacterial MCE ABC importers”.

What is the expected main outcome from your research project (tell why it is important to study your subject, who can benefit from your results
Mycobacterium  tuberculosis  (Mtb)  is  a deadly clever pathogen and responsible  for  causing  the  disease tuberculosis in  human. It is challenging to work with live Mtb and still a lot of things to focus. Our studies will help to get clues on the structure-function relationships of the individual Mce proteins and their assembly into an ABC transporter, opening up new insight into survival and pathogenesis of Mtb.

What you would like to do after you have got PhD degree?
After PhD, I would like to go through postdoctoral training.

What I4FUTURE program has so far given to you? What has been good? Have you missed something?
I4FUTURE program has chance to work in a good working environment and pursue my goal to be an independent researcher.

What kind of the atmosphere /weather in Oulu has been in your opinion?
I love the natural beauty of Oulu.  

Have you already published results? If yes, where?
Not yet.


Last updated: 23.9.2019

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