Harisankar Nellattukuzhi Sreenivasan

Research group: Fiber & Particle Engineering Research Unit
Research subject: Advanced Characterization & Imaging Methods for Probing the Role of Magnesium in Geopolymers
Researcher profile: https://www.oulu.fi/university/researcher/harisankar-sreenivasan


Official interview

Who are you?
My name is Harisankar Sreenivasan. I am a PhD student in Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit at University of Oulu.

Where you come from?
I come from Kerala, India.

What you have done before coming to Oulu?
I have a Master Degree in Catalysis Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (Madras), India.

Why did you decide to come to Oulu?
I got a challenging research project under I4FUTURE Scholarship at University of Oulu. Factors such as excellent supervision and good lab infrastructure also motivated me.

What is the name of your research project?
Advanced Characterization & Imaging Methods for Probing the Role of Magnesium in Geopolymers

What is the expected main outcome from your research project?
Mastering the incorporation of magnesium in the geopolymer final product will aid in the production of more durable materials; magnesium can form extremely strong bonds and is the major component in refractories and in many ceramics, and also plays a critical role in determining the nanostructure of alkali-activated binders. Improved knowledge on the processing and role of magnesium in geopolymers would enable the production of more durable geopolymer-based construction materials, simultaneously improving the utilization of magnesium-containing industrial residues. Purity of the MgO is critical in the refractory industry. However, it is not always feasible to get the highly pure MgO without sophisticated marketing competition. Therefore, it is essential to develop ceramic processing routes that are less sensitive to raw material purity. Understanding the role of magnesium in the geopolymer structure is critical to achieve this target.

What you would like to do after you have got PhD degree?
I would like to continue in academia. Therefore, I would probably be looking for post-doctoral fellowship immediately after completion of PhD.

What I4FUTURE program has so far given to you? What has been good? Have you missed something?
The program has given me a good opportunity to undertake a challenging research work. There are also good course works, including summer courses, which I find very useful for my research.

What kind of the atmosphere /weather in Oulu has been in your opinion?
Oulu has a very calm atmosphere, which I believe is very good for doing research work. The weather is cold, but I got used to it over the course of time.

Have you already published results? If yes, where?
I am currently preparing the manuscripts.


Last updated: 23.9.2019

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