Doctoral degree requirements / UniOGS

Doctoral degree at the University of Oulu consists of compulsory field-specific studies (min. 20 cr) and general and transferrable skills studies (min. 4 cr). The degree requires, in addition to an accepted doctoral thesis, in total 20 to 50 cr depending on the doctoral degree program.

The compulsory field-specific studies include:

  • Doctoral training plan 3 cr; accepted by UniOGS, course code 920012J
  • Research plan seminar min. 1 cr; codes by doctoral degree program

The compulsory general transferrable skills studies include:

  • Introduction to doctoral training 1 cr, arranged by UniOGS, course code 920001J
  • Scientific Research and Ethics 2 cr, arranged by UniOGS, course code 920002J
  • Follow-up Group Reporting and meetings 1 cr, arranged by UniOGS, course code 920007J


Last updated: 10.1.2018

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