The very first Impact Camp - How I experienced it

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Impact camp broadened my thinking

The impact camp training was such an experience. The first task comprised of explaining one´s research to a science novice, an important step in communicating science to the public. This was quite challenging but interesting as well. Thanks to this, I got an understanding of what other researchers are carrying out and could link one or two ideas to my project for future use.

Some presentation tips and styles were taught and practicing it during the camp improved my presentation skills, self-confidence and art of public speaking. I also gained insight on how to pitch business ideas related to my project.

Developing solutions to the innovation challenge (hyperspectral imaging Camera, Specimen) was another aspect that got me out of my comfort zone. It made me think out of the box on the applications of the Camera in several aspects of life.  It is amazing how far the brain can think if stretched.

Working in a multidisciplinary team, and developing innovative skills was the highlight of the training. This broadened my thinking and laid down a foundation on how to introduce and sell my research.

It was worth the experience and worth the time. It is a great brainteaser moving one from mediocrity and preparing one for the challenges in this innovative scientific world.

By Velma Kimbi Yaah

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Last updated: 25.9.2018

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