Coordinator Greeting Autumn 2018

Coordinator Greeting

It has now been around one and half years since the EU-MSCA COFUND funded I4FUTURE Early Stage Reseachers (ESR) entered the University of Oulu. The newcomers have now been very smoothly integrated to the working environment and have enhanced the internationality of the university. It is very nice to see the commitment and motivation of the ESR’s on their research, but also to the programme in general. The ESRs are hosted in twelve research units at six faculties – giving the possibility to identify I4FUTURE as truly multidisciplinary programme. A proud identity of the ESR’s as part of a special programme is present, which I find very positive and hope it continues.

The training packages of the programme are already partly completed. The “From research-based ideas into an innovative venturingreached through the second intensive period and will follow ESR’s throughout the whole training. The annual five-day long school on “Multidisciplinary imaging methods, principles and applications” was organized successfully second time in June with wide participation of PhD students and personnel of the University.

The collaboration of the programme with the partner universities, public organizations and private companies is going strong. The research commitments are in great extent finalized (in agreement papers also) and the secondments by ESR’s have been started. The committed supervisors from partner organizations ensure the seamless collaboration to both directions. The programme and its practises are further developed together with TinyTOT ESF (European Social Fund) project to serve as model case for private sector collaboration in doctoral training.

The EU Research Executive Agency visited I4FUTURE programme in a site tour, providing very positive feedback for the start and actions taken. This has been only possible through the active participation of persons in various committees and duties of the programme. Naturally, however, the ESRs are the ones making it all happen!  

Autumn Greetings! (Finally after a hot summer)

Marko Huttula,

Prof. Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit (Head)
Head of the I4FUTURE Programme

Last updated: 28.9.2018

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