Esa Turunen

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, Finland

Coupling between geospace and atmosphere - new research opportunity by the volumetric imaging incoherent scatter radar facility EISCAT_3D

Dr. Esa Turunen is the Director Emeritus of Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (SGO), where he last worked as director in 2013-2019. SGO is a separate institute of University of Oulu, with a national task - geophysical measurements and related research. SGO carries out measurements of geoenvironment and geospace environment in the longitude of Finland from Svalbard in the north to Antarctic in the south. Previously he worked in 2009-2012 as the director of EISCAT Scientific Association, an international organization which operates high-power incoherent scatter radars in Svalbard, Tromso Norway, Kiruna Sweden and Sodankylä Finland for upper atmospheric and near-Earth space research. He was the PI of Finland’s participation in the EISCAT_3D project, where a new 3-dimensionally imaging radar with 30 000 individual antennas is currently being constructed in Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway by 2022. His main research interest is high-latitude ionospheric D region and atmospheric and geospace interactions. He is the original developer of an internationally established theoretical model of the lower ionosphere, the Sodankyla Ion Chemistry model (SIC). In his early career he was responsible for ionospheric research and measurements at SGO, coordinating EISCAT radar and rocket measurement campaigns and participating in several EU projects, including mobility schemes, Marie Curie Training Site activity and EU COST actions.


Last updated: 22.11.2019