Kari Pirkkalainen

Spectral Engines Oy, Finland

Fabry-Perot based spectral sensors and their applications for process industry, farming and consumer applications

Kari Pirkkalainen has 15 years of experience in materials sciences and spectroscopy applications. Kari received his Ph.D. in material physics in University of Helsinki, Finland where his research was focused on nanoscale characterization of nanoparticles and cellulose using X-ray based techniques. He used to work for Hitachi High-Tech developing applications and algorithms for hand-held x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers. Currently he is working as Application Engineering Manager at Spectral Engines Oy; He is responsible for managing application development and coordinating Spectral Engines’ internal and external laboratory activities. He has deep understanding in all Spectral Engines’ key competences such as machine learning, spectroscopy and portable analyzers. Spectral Engines is a pioneering company in affordable spectral sensing solutions in smart industry, farming and even in consumer applications.


Last updated: 19.12.2019