Light to the darkness through imaging and characterization – ICFUTURE 2020 conference

The ICFUTURE 2020 conference took place in Oulu, Finland during the darkest time of the Northern year, in the early January 2020. It attracted about 100 researchers from all over the world making the most of imaging and characterization methods in their research projects. The responsible organizer of the conference was I4Future doctoral programme, which is coordinated by the University of Oulu. 

Characterization and imaging are fundamental to several scientific fields; many advances in science have been brought up about by the development of ever more clever ways to probe matter. In that spirit, the scientific presentations introduced the utilization of imaging and characterization methods in a wide variety of fields, all the way from molecular biology and medicine to natural sciences and technology.

The conference provided a perfect interaction between areas of multidisciplinary knowledge, through dialogues and exchange of information. This interaction has opened new frontiers of knowledge and collaborations, revealing possibilities for technological applications not yet "explored or imagined". The result of the conference was the expansion of my network of contacts and the consolidation of existing collaborations”, highlighted Professor Sérgio Botelho de Oliveira from the Federal Institute of Goiás, Brazil the outcomes of the conference.

The program consisted of a remarkable number of keynote presentations, oral research project introductions and posters. The participants had also options to participate in several site visits.

In addition to the scientific presentations, the participants learned more about the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, during the conference dinner. Thanks to the darkness, some lucky participants had opportunities to discover themselves the Northern Lights.

Last updated: 17.9.2020