Adam P. Hitchcock

McMaster University, Canada

Advanced Materials Analysis by Synchrotron-based Soft X-ray Microscopy



Adam Hitchcock, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC), was born and educated in Canada (B.Sc., Chemistry, McMaster, 1974; Ph.D., Chemical  Physics, UBC, 1978). His research focus is inner shell excitation spectroscopies and spectromicroscopies. A professor at McMaster since 1979, his group has built and operates gas phase inner shell spectrometers and reflection electron energy loss (EELS) systems for surface studies. In 1980 he started synchrotron experiments, initially  hard X-ray spectroscopy of materials at Cornell (USA), then soft X-ray spectroscopy of gases at LURE (France) and SRC (USA). In 1994 he began developing soft X-ray transmission microscopes (STXM) and photoemission microscopes (PEEM) at ALS (USA). In 2001 his group, in collaboration with researchers at NCSU and ALS, developed a novel, interferometry controlled STXM, which redefined state-of-the-art. He helped establish the Canadian Light Source (CLS, Saskatoon) and the CLS spectromicroscopy facility, currently equipped with 2 STXMs and a PEEM on a soft X-ray elliptically polarizing undulator beamline.  For the past 6 years he has helped develop applications of soft X-ray ptychography. His current research is focused on technique development and applications of  STXM and ptychography to automotive fuel cell materials, in situ electrochemistry, and magnetic bacteria. His teaching in Chemistry at McMaster has involved all aspects of physical chemistry, including spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, as well as introductory chemistry.

Last updated: 26.4.2019