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Kasarmintie 13
90130 Oulu
Hotel Lasaretti is a former military hospital until 1990s. After renovation it has been a popular hotel and meeting place, e.g., many post-doctoral dinners are held there. It is located in a historic park area, still popular among locals for walking, playing with kids, etc. See more details.
Kirkkokatu 3
90100 Oulu
Block reservations for ICMCIS participants have been made in Hotel Lasaretti (conference venue) and Lapland Hotel Oulu (banquet venue) for the period of 15-19 May 2017.
Reservations and payments direct to the hotels.
 -single room  110 €/night
 -double room for single use 125 €/night
 -double room 138 €/night
Valid until April 14th 2017 with the code "ICMCIS" at
(For Finnish participants within Hansel agreement single 97,90 €/day double 115 €/day).
More information at:
Lapland Hotel Oulu
 -single 110 €/ day
 -double 125 €/ day
Valid until April 14th 2017 with the code "ICMCIS" at
Other hotels:
Hallituskatu 1
90100 Oulu
Close to the sea, nice walking to the conference venue through the park.
Kajaaninkatu 17
90100 Oulu
Middle of the city.
Pakkahuoneenkatu 16
90100 Oulu
Middle of the city.
Saaristonkatu 4, 90100 Oulu
Close to the market hall.


Best way to arrive Oulu is by flight. There are several daily flights from Helsinki by Finnair and Norwegian. However, the
airport's runway is under reconstruction from May to the end of summer and night flights go to Kemi, from where is
a bus transportation to Oulu (over 1 hour). Bus schedules and routes can be found from this Finavia page (once available).
Alternative is a train or bus from Helsinki, about 6 h whereas the flight takes 1 h.
From the airport (lentoasema in Finnish), located about 20 km outside of Oulu, you can take taxi that is about 35 - 40 €.
Alternative is the bus. Bus nro 8 and bus nro 9 stop at city center. The bus costs 5.80 € (zones AB). Travel time is 30 min.
The bus stops location to/from airport is marked in the above map.
The daytime temperature in May in Oulu is usually between +5 and +20°C, and the weather is mostly sunny.
However, it may rain. In the worst case it is close to zero, north wind and wind driven wet snow. Therefore,
it is highly recommend to check weather forecasts before you pack, or take warm clothing and an umbrella
with you if you want to be sure.
Sun rises 3:50am and sets 10:42pm, so prepare for plenty of daylight.
Oulu is at 64°56'N, 25°22'E
The city of Oulu is the capital of northern Finland. The Oulu Region has about 250,000 inhabitants
and it is the fastest growing region in Finland. The city of Oulu itself has about 200,000 inhabitants.
The city of Oulu was founded by the order of King Carl IX of Sweden at the mouth of the Oulu River in 1605.
Oulu, which is located on the shore of the Gulf of Bothnia, has been the province's capital since 1776.
Since 13th century Finland was the east-land of Sweden until 1809 when Russian dominance begun.
It ended 1917 when Finland became an independent nation.
In the past dried fish (pike) and furs were exported. Then started the tar period. Oulu was the world capital
of tar used in wooden ships. It had very big merchant navy for this. The tar was coming first close to Oulu
and later on close to current east border by river boats. Then became other industry like forest sector and
ICT. ICT examples are NOKIA (base stations), BITTIUM (e.g., military radios), KNL networks (HF radios) and
Synopsys (ICT security). For research and higher education there are multidisciplinary University of Oulu,
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, University Hospital and the multidisciplinary Oulu University of Applied Sciences.
The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum, very close to the meeting place in the park .
Especially mini-Oulu 1939 and dog-dolls showing old way living in Finland, which is based on famous children books, are charming.

Turkansaari island museum shows how tar was made and transported. It about 10 km from Oulu towards Kajaani.

Stone age village Kierikki close to Yli-ii town some 50 km from Oulu.

Arctic Zoo at Ranua shows Finnish wild animals and polar bears (we don’t have them, believe or not).
You can eat at their restaurant at the entrance or even make sausages by fire in the zoo’s fire place
that is very popular among Finns. Buy you sausages from a shop (Ranua or Oulu) before entering the zoo.
Artic Circle Village just north of Rovaniemi is 230 km from Oulu. Santa Claus is there and you can take a
picture with him and express your Christmas wish list directly to him.

Nature in Kuusamo or Iso-syöte are also polular sights.

Sauna, e.g. in your hotel. This floating sauna in the Oulu river front of the conference venue but
opposite side might be open on the weekends before and after the conference, but naturally it depends on ice situation.
Specialities to buy from Oulu/Finland
Reindeer meet (smoke dried) from the city’s market hall.

Local wool sweaters, either fishermen or “luotolainen” models.

Different knives (puukkko in Finnish), with handle wholly or partially made of reindeer bones.
Warning, a dirty story follows: it is well known (fact) that reindeer bones/horns are good for male stamina.
As a consequence, these knives are wonderful since you can lick the bone part before the action.  
If that does not help, there are other things what you can do. You can shorten it by your knife
since it is easier to lift a short stick than a long one.

Kuksa, very famous wooden (coffee) drinking mug. Many outdoor people have this for their coffee-beside-campfire moments.

Kalevala jewellery, a Finnish brand inspired by jewel founds from Middles Age graves.

Salty liquorice candies, e.g., Tyrkish peber (turkin pippuri). Or KarlFazer chocolate if you want to be on safe side on taste:
the blue packed milk chocolade bar is all time favorite while Marianne, red&white packed chocolade filled mints, is a classic.  

Salty liquorice schnapps, has to be bought from ALKO, the original and only allowed alcohol store in Finland.

Last updated: 4.4.2017