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27.10.2020 News

Timeout errors in email on Oct 27

Errors have came up in the email traffic of O365 service on October 27.

27.10.2020 News

Exception in opening hours: Campus ICT service point on Tue, Oct 27

Campus ICT service point is open on Tuesday, October 27 at 8:00 - 10:45 and 13:15 - 15:45.

20.10.2020 News

Phishing and scam calls – stay vigilant!

Messages which are phishing Office 365 usernames and passwords have been sent to the addresses of the university recently. Also scam calls from faked technical support are still coming to the phones.

16.10.2020 News

Office hours of Campus ICT during the autumn break week

During the autumn break (October 19 – 23) Campus ICT service point is open at 9 – 14.

  • Phone calls and emails are answered at 8 – 15:45.
1.10.2020 News

Service break in Pulse Secure VPN service and WLAN network Friday evening

There will be a service break in Pulse Secure VPN service on Friday 2nd October beginning at 21.00. The break also applies to the WLAN network of the premises of the university in Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas.

1.10.2020 News

Problems are possible in O365 services

Some of the users have met problems in O365 services today. For instance, email traffic may be slow. Microsoft  is working on the problem.

17.9.2020 News

Did you get a message about user account termination?

If the message came from ICT Services of the university, it is quite justified most probably! On the basis of the student register of the university, your right to study has ended and therefore you got the message. The student's user account is valid four weeks after the end of study right.

14.9.2020 News

Campus ICT is closed on Friday morning

On Friday September 18, the service numbers and the service point

14.9.2020 News

Short updating breaks in printing

Software update causes short breaks in September, October and November.

7.9.2020 News

ICT Services received praise for remote connections

ICT Services were rewarded in the opening ceremony of the university for realizing the value Succeeding Together exemplary.

2.9.2020 News

Computers for students’ use

The computer classrooms maintained by the ICT Services as well as the self-study workstations have been opened. Also some of the laptop vendors are at students’ disposal after the break.

31.8.2020 News

Wistec Online e-learning and new features of Teams

An introduction in Finnish on Friday 11th September at 13 - 15 in Teams

17.8.2020 News

New Campus ICT service point has been opened

The common Campus ICT service point of the University of Oulu and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences has been opened on Linnanmaa campus.

2.7.2020 News

Campus ICT is new united ICT service point

The ICT supports of the university and OAMK have been united as a new service point called Campus ICT. The new service point serves both students and the staff of the university and OAMK in all ICT matters.

30.6.2020 News

Zoom will require a passcode or a waiting room for all meetings from July 19

Zoom meetings are required to have either a password or a waiting room from July 19 on. You will find these options from the meeting settings. 

18.6.2020 News

ICT Services in July

During the summer holidays, some delays can appear in the answering requests.

8.6.2020 News

Teams has replaced Skype

Skype for Business has been replaced with Teams in the university.  Teams is a part of Office 365 Education services and it has already been used as an instant messenger and as a teamwork and meeting tool.

    1.6.2020 News

    One of the laptop vendors is in use

    The laptop vendor in Tekniikanaula lobby is open. The other vendors are still closed because of the exceptional situation.

    UPDATE  July 23: The vendor is closed from now on.

    5.5.2020 News

    Teams will replace Skype

    Microsoft has announced that Skype will be replaced by the newer and much more diverse Teams and that organizations should switch to using it as soon as possible. Teams has been available for a long time alongside Skype, and now already 3000 people at the university are using Teams every day for  discussions, online meetings, team workspaces and file management. With Teams, you can collaborate effectively in one place.

    16.4.2020 News

    ICT courses for you in an e-learning service

    Wistec Online is an e-learning service, which has been now opened for the students and staff. Update your ict skills or learn the use of new tools with the help of videos, trainings or written material. 

    15.4.2020 News

    The old Webropol environment will close on May 31st 2020

    Have you already taken care of the necessary inquiries and materials for the new Webropol?

    9.4.2020 News

    Now you can use the software of the university without licenses

    During last weeks, ICT Services of the university have brought into use new servers which are suitable for remote working. On these so-called remote desktop servers there are several special and science-specific software for all the students and researchers. The installing of many of these programs to your own workstation requires a licence but the use of the same software through the remote desktop is free for you.

    2.4.2020 News

    Learn about Zoom's security

    In recent days, there has been a lively media debate about the privacy of Zoom, which is used for distance working and learning. The University of Oulu has reviewed the comments made and investigated the implementation of data security and data protection in Zoom, but this does not exclude the possibility that new issues related to data security will emerge in the future.

    25.3.2020 News

    New remote desktops for students

    ICT Services have brought into use new remote servers which make possible for students and researchers to use the university's licensed software remotely without payment.