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24.3.2020 News

OpenVPN Connect error "Authentication Failed"

If you were one of the first OpenVPN users, you may now get an error message when trying to open the OpenVPN connection: Authentication Failed . This is due to the fact that the default setting of the validity of the profile was a week at that time. Create now a new profile, the validity will automatically be 2 years.

20.3.2020 News

Relief to distance studies

Because the micro computer classes and the self-study computers of the University of Oulu are not available at the moment, the new service will be brought into use to make science specific software available remotely for teaching and research.

19.3.2020 News

Phishing messages, scam calls and malicious programs on the pretext of the corona

The scammers are now utilizing the exceptional situation caused by corona, in many ways. The themes of phishing are, among others, protecting from the corona virus and remote working connection. 

17.3.2020 News

All the laptop vendors are closed

All the laptop vendors have been closed today. The rest of the computer premisies will be closed beginning tomorrow, 18th March.

16.3.2020 News

Computer premises are closed

The University of Oulu will switch entirely to distance learning and close its campuses from students, in accordance with the guidelines from the Government of Finland. Closure of premises takes effect on Wednesday, March 18, and will last until April 13.

15.3.2020 News

Remote connection to network drives

You can get a connection to the university's network drives, among others, to your personal home directory from outside the network with OpenVPN Connect client.


13.3.2020 News

ICT Service Point is working remotely

Because of the corona virus situation, we are working remotely for the present.

31.1.2020 News

IT Administration Services is now ICT Services

The units which produce it services for University of Oulu and for Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) combine. This is carried out as a part of the wider connecting decision of internal services.

7.1.2020 News

The basic printing quota for the spring term

4 € has been added into your printing quota if you have printed during the autumn term.

17.12.2019 News

Christmas glogg on Tellus Stage

Come to get know IT services and the future winds to Tellus Stage on Thu, Dec 19 at 12 - 14!


17.12.2019 News

IT Helpdesk is closed Dec 23 - Jan 3

IT Helpdesk is having the Christmas break Dec 23 - Jan 3.

10.12.2019 News

Like us in Facebook

IT Services of the university is also in Facebook. Like our page OY IT-palvelut and get the fresh news on your news feed!

28.10.2019 News

IT Helpdesk will be closed Oct 29th at 12

On Tuesday all the service points of IT Administration will be closed at 12.

1.10.2019 News

Five laptop vendors in your use

Five vendors enable 156 laptops to be lent.

13.8.2019 News

The basic printing quota for the autumn term is 4 €

4 € has been added into printing quotas by the University 1st August, 2019

31.7.2019 News

O365 automatically in use for new students

The university’s user accounts created 1st August 2019 or later have user rights to Office 365 Education service automatically without an activation procedure. This applies to both the new students and the new staff.

27.5.2019 News

Breaks in password service on 27th and 28th of May

There will be a system upgrade break in the IdM system of IT Administration services on Mon 27th and Tue 28th beginning at 16:00.

25.3.2019 News

SPSS licences now half cheaper

IT Administration Services have negotiated the new prices of IBM SPSS licences, which came into force 22 March, 2019. The licensing agreement which lasts for three years made the halving of prices possible for the staff as well as the students.

22.3.2019 News

New Laptop Vendors on Linnanmaa campus

Two new laptop vendors are now available on Linnnamaa campus.

7.1.2019 News

PC Hall is now quiet zone

PC Hall PR106 has been declared a quiet working zone. With this measure, the students are provided the opportunity to work in a noiseless environment using the university’s self-study workstations.

2.1.2019 News

The basic printing quota for the spring term is 4 €

4 € has been added into printing quotas.

24.9.2018 News

O365 email phishing message is spreading quickly

Several warnings of the phishing of O365 credentials have been published during this year. Because of the quicky spreading of the phishing messages, FICORA (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority) has classified the situation as critical.

27.8.2018 News

Changes to the laptop vendors

The loan period of the laptops has been prolonged on request of the students from three hours to four hours. The loan times per day have been prolonged from two to three times per day.