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12.9.2016 News

Videos of the printing service have been published

Canon has made short educational videos about the use of the printing service of the University of Oulu.

25.8.2016 News

IT Helpdesk is using CHAT

IT Helpdesk of IT Administration Services is using the text chat service which can be started directly from WWW pages.

30.6.2016 News

New WWW pages

The WWW pages of the IT Services have revived to be in accordance with the new layout of the university.

16.6.2016 News

Shibboleth operates normally

Shibboleth login problems which came up last week have been corrected also in the ESS system and in the Provet bookkeeping software. These systems can now be used in an ordinary way.

13.6.2016 News

Login problems of GAFE and Kivuto have been fixed

Shibboleth login problems which came up last week have been corrected in the GAFE service and Kivuto web store. These systems can now be used in an ordinary way.

8.6.2016 News

Login to GAFE service and Kivuto web store do not operate at the moment

The systems to which it is not possible to login at the moment are ESS, GAFE, Kivuto web store and Provet bookkeeping software.

25.5.2016 News

Maintenance break in Shibboleth 7.6.2016 at 18

Ldp server of Shibboleth identity system will be changed on Tuesday, 7 June, beginning at 18:00.

3.5.2016 News

Introduction event of the GAFE Service on 9 May

GAFE, in other words Google Apps for Education service will officially be brought into use of the students and the staff of our university on 9 May at 12:15.

28.4.2016 News


Tietohallinnon neuvonta ottaa koekäyttöön uuden videoasiointipalvelun, jota tarjotaan yhteydenottokanavaksi perinteisen neuvontapalvelun rinnalle. Kokeilujakso alkaa 2.5.

20.4.2016 News

COMSOL-webinaari lujuuslaskennasta

COMSOL Oy järjestää webinaarin, jossa keskitytään COMSOL-analyysiohjelmiston yhteiskäyttöön CAD-mekaniikkatyökalujen kanssa.

30.3.2016 News

Maintenance break in the Identity Management system

The service break in the Identity Management system (IDM) of IT Administration Services continues.

23.3.2016 News

Problems when changing the password

23.3. at 12:50 - The password of the user account of the university must not be changed at the moment because of the problem in the service.

24.2.2016 News

MATLAB Seminar 31.3.2016

MathWorks will arrange a seminar Solving Larger Problems with MATLAB for professors, researchers and students of the University of Oulu:

9.2.2016 News

New group for research IT

A new group offering research IT-services has been formed at the IT Administration Services of University of Oulu.

8.2.2016 News

SAS Code Course for staff and students 16. - 18.3.2016

The SAS Code course is for staff and students, especially doctoral students, who want to learn how to write SAS programs. It is arranged by SAS Academia with co-opera

18.1.2016 News

Viruses in attachments

You may receive Word and Excel attachments polluted by the viruses in your e-mail.

15.1.2016 News

Matlab program can now be installed on home computer

Matlab is an interactive program for numerical computation and data visualization. The licence allows the students also to install the program on a home computer.

29.12.2015 News

Basic printing quota for the spring term

A printing quota is student's printing balance in euro and it is a sum of a basic quota and an additional quota.

14.12.2015 News

Workstation terminals not in use on Tue 15.12.2015

A part of the computers for student use maintained by IT Services will be on Tuesday 15.12 out of use.

10.12.2015 News

Exceptions in opening hours of helpdesks

The time of Christmas and of the turn of the year brings exceptions to the office hours of the IT Services helpdesks. Check the times from here.

26.11.2015 News

70 workstation terminals for students use in Tellus

A new studying area has been opened in the back part of Tellus. IT Administration Services has equipped the area with 50 workstation terminals with Windows 7.

17.11.2015 News

Holiday season glög at Student Center, Dec 3 at 12 - 14

IT Services arranges the traditional season glög event for all students and staff together with other operators of the Student Center.