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15.1.2016 News

Matlab program can now be installed on home computer

Matlab is an interactive program for numerical computation and data visualization. The licence allows the students also to install the program on a home computer.

29.12.2015 News

Basic printing quota for the spring term

A printing quota is student's printing balance in euro and it is a sum of a basic quota and an additional quota.

14.12.2015 News

Workstation terminals not in use on Tue 15.12.2015

A part of the computers for student use maintained by IT Services will be on Tuesday 15.12 out of use.

10.12.2015 News

Exceptions in opening hours of helpdesks

The time of Christmas and of the turn of the year brings exceptions to the office hours of the IT Services helpdesks. Check the times from here.

26.11.2015 News

70 workstation terminals for students use in Tellus

A new studying area has been opened in the back part of Tellus. IT Administration Services has equipped the area with 50 workstation terminals with Windows 7.

17.11.2015 News

Holiday season glög at Student Center, Dec 3 at 12 - 14

IT Services arranges the traditional season glög event for all students and staff together with other operators of the Student Center.

3.11.2015 News

O365 for the staff

Microsoft Office 365 for Education (O365) service has been at the students' disposal for two years. Now also the staff may use some of the products of the same service.

13.10.2015 News

SAS Code Course for staff and students 14.-15.12.

The SAS Code course is for staff and students, especially doctoral students, who want to learn how to write SAS programs.

29.9.2015 News


Canon's service engineer guides both the students and the staff to use print service of the University:

16.9.2015 News

INVITATION for students: Office 365 tour at University of Oulu

Time: Tue 6.10.2015 at 9:30 - 12:00Place: Linnanmaa Main Corridor (Väylä), near the lecture hall L6 and ATK-asema

7.9.2015 News

COMSOL Workshop 23.9.2015

COMSOL is a Finite Element Method (FEM) based simulation tool for electrical, mechanical, fluid flow, heat transfer, acoustical and chemical applications.

3.9.2015 News

Printing infos for students and staff

Canon's service engineer guides both the students and the staff to use print service of the University:

31.8.2015 News

Introduction of IT Services and print services on 3.9.

IT Administration Services and Canon Oy will introduce their services for students in the Central Hall on Thursday 3.9. at 10 - 14.

19.8.2015 News

Basic quota for printing is 4 €

NEW STUDENT The new student account has basic quota of 4 € for printing.

3.8.2015 News

User account opens services

University's user account is your key to systems and services.

11.6.2015 News

Opening hours of IT Helpdesks in summer 2015

Helpdesk in Student Center

4.6.2015 News

Information Security web pages for students

The information security pages of the University are found on the WWW pages of IT Administration Services under the menu Cooperation.

28.4.2015 News

SAS-ohjelmiston koulutusta toukokuussa

SAS Instituutti järjestää akatemiaohjelmassaan seuraavat SAS-peruskurssit Oulun yliopistolla: SAS Enterprise Guide

20.3.2015 News

COMSOL & Application Builder Workshop

COMSOL is an interactive environment for modeling and simulating scientific and engineering problems for students and researchers.

20.2.2015 News

Warning of phishing messages

IT Administration Services recommend the carefulness in the opening of the attachments and links of the e-mail. A threat of malicious software (=malware) has grown recently.

10.2.2015 News

Video communication services in operation

The fault situation of the ConnectPro server of the University has been corrected and the service is in working order.

10.2.2015 News

Service break in video communications

Because of the failure in operation of the ConnectPro server of the University the video services cannot be carried out through our ACP at the moment.