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16.12.2014 News

IT Services helpdesks during Christmas holidays


9.12.2014 News

Chance to copy mails from Koivu

Email service of Koivu server has been ended according to the plan 30.11.2014. It has not been possible after that to log in Koivu’s email (for example Webmail) any more.

25.11.2014 News

Holiday season glög at the Student center, Dec 4 at 12-14

Welcome to the Student Center for some Holiday season glög on Dec 4 at 12-14! Warm glög and gingerbread cookies for all staff and students available at the Student center lobby.

24.11.2014 News

Koivu's email service in use for the last week

  Koivu's e-mail service will end 30.11.2014. In practice this means that from the beginning of December:

10.11.2014 News

Service break in print service on Fri 14.11. at 16

Canon Oy will update the print service on Friday afternoon 14.11. beginning at 16:00. During the update:

31.10.2014 News

Koivu's email service available only until the end of November

If you are Koivu's email user, you have only a month to act. Koivu's email service will be closed in the end of November.

31.10.2014 News

Printing info on Wed 5.11.

Printing info for students and for staff on Wednesday 5.11. at 13:30 - 14:30 Advice and information about print service:

28.10.2014 News

PC Room YB110 will be closed

PC Room YB110 will be closed 16.11.2014 onwards. University will sign this part of building over to Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy (SYK), who will begin demolition and renovation work there.

16.10.2014 News

Transfer of messages from Koivu

Koivu e-mail service will end 30.11.2014. This means in practice that from the beginning of December:

13.10.2014 News

Printing info on Wed 15.10.

2.10.2014 News

COMSOL 5.0 Seminar and Application Builder Workshop

Comsol Oy and VTT will organize a free Workshop which provides an overview of the COMSOL Multiphysics software of simulation.

1.10.2014 News

Office applications for students for free

Microsoft agreement allows students, who have activated O365 Service, to install Office software (Office 365 ProPlus) for free.

24.9.2014 News

Printing info 1.10.

16.9.2014 News

Mobile printing and webstore are in use

Mobile printing

16.9.2014 News

Briefing for Koivu e-mail users

Koivu e-mail service will end 30.11.2014. Briefing for Koivu e-mail users will be held on Tuesday 23.9.2014 at 9 am in room IT-113.

10.9.2014 News

PRINTING INFO for students on 17.9.

On Wednesday 17.9. at 11:30 - 13:30 in Keskusaula: Advice and information about print service:

5.9.2014 News

Canon and IT Services at presentation stands on Tuesday 9.9.

Art Day on Tuesday 9.9. in Keskusaula: CANON OY presents the new print service at 10 - 14.

20.8.2014 News

New print services for students are available

University of Oulu has made an agreement with Canon Oy of New Print Services including staff and student printing.

25.2.2014 News

New Print Services

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30.1.2014 News

Extented time for Paju's email copying

Email service of Paju server has been ended on 1 November, 2013. During the first week of February users can still copy their messages.

10.1.2014 News

UPDATED: Home use of F-Secure Antivirus will end

Please read the updated (5th February) news here   University of Oulu licensed F-Secure Antivirus software home use will end