Service points


ICT Service Point

You can turn to the ICT Helpdesk / Service Point in all the matters which are related to the ICT services of the University. Contact: | tel. 0294 483 080 | chat


Service Desk for staff

Service Desk of  ICT Services is the it-helpdesk for the staff. Contact: | tel. 0294 483 124


Helpdesk of Mobile Devices

Mobile Services guide in use of mobile services of the university. Contact: | tel. 0294 483 164


Printing services

Canon Oy is responsible for the printing services of the University. When your matter is connected to print services, please contact Canon's service engineer:

Other service addresses

IT services for researchers


  • Guidance and support in IT acquisition and IT issues for recearchers
  • More information

Maintenance of study workstations

tel. 0294 483 190

  • Maintenance of self-study workstations, computer classrooms and laptop vendors
  • Please send an email if you notice some problems in ICT devices

Statistical services


  • advice is given within resources
  • for researchers, postgraduate students and teachers

Computing software guidance


  • guidance on the license matters, installations and the use of software

Staff of ICT Services

Staff e-mail addresses are typically in the format



You can give feedback to ICT Services using this contact form.