Workspaces in Eduuni

The workspaces, which have been in Notio earlier, have been moved to the Eduuni service of CSC at the end of December 2016. In order to use these workspaces, you need to register to Eduuni using your University’s email address. The addresses of workspaces as well as the sign-in practices have changed with the new service.

Addresses of workspaces

The workspaces could be found in the address The link could be found also in Notio at the topmost left corner under the title "eduuni workspaces".


If you have not used Eduuni services before, you need to register your university's email address as an Eduuni-ID.

Read step-by-step instructions of registration process. Use this link to register, but first pay attention to the following matters: 

Work email address = Eduuni-ID

  • At the registration stage the service will ask your "work email address". Use the email address of the staff or O365 service of the University of Oulu in its long form:
  • Workspace permissions copied from Notio will not be functional if the registration has already been done with the short email address. Short email addresses are:,,,, You can change your Eduuni email address according to these instructions.
  • After the registration you are identified in the service on the basis of your Eduuni-ID which is the same as your email address.
  • Eduuni-ID will be valid for one year after which you need to confirm your email address again.
  • However, Eduuni-ID is not necessarily the login name of the service because you can choose the sign-in method yourself.

methods

  • In registration you first choose, which will be your sign-in method. The method will be attached to your Eduuni-ID, and it will determine which combination of username and password you will use when log in the Eduuni services.
  • If you choose the alternative "University of Oulu", you log in with the university user account and its password. If you choose some other sign-in way, use the username and password combination of the service concerned. The trusted login methods are:
    • The organisation's own credentials, if the organisation is a Haka or Virtu or eduGAIN identity federation member or if the organisation is using Microsoft Office 365 (Azure AD) services
    • Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo! credentials
  • You can change your current sign-in method according to these instructions.

Login to the service

  • If you chose "University of Oulu" as your sign-in method, use your university user account in its basic form and its password to log in Eduuni.
  • If you chose some other sign-in method, use the username and password combination of the service concerned.
  • Use this link to log in.

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Last updated: 6.2.2017