For the staff

Only those instructions and links which the one belonging to the staff can need when being outside the network of the university have been collected in this page. Guidelines of IT Services aimed at the staff and users comparable with the staff (researcher, ufo) could be found in intranet Patio.

Information and guidelines:

Rules of use

The Rules of IT Service Use bind and obligate all members of the university community, users of IT services and systems, and all units of the University.


Staff, researcher and UFO account

User account of staff, researcher and external user (so-called UFO) and different forms of the account used in external services.


Account termination

The account, e-mail and the licence to use the programs will cease when your studying or your employment ends. You will get a message about the termination to your e-mail beforehand.


Self-services and e-Identification

By using e-Identification, you can set a password for your user account, you can check the status of your account in case of login problems, or you can activate VPN services in your use.



Your password is valid for one year. You get an email note before expiration. If you do not change the password during that period, it will expire and the account will be locked. In that case, activate the account (= set a new password) in a self-service.


What is a good password?

Password must be at least 12 and no more than 32 characters long. It consists of upper and lower-case letters and numbers, but the Scandinavian letters cannot be used and the special characters cause problems.


VPN Secure Access Service

VPN makes the secured connection to the university network possible from outside. The suitable alternative of VPN connections is worth finding already beforehand and making the required preparations especially before the trip abroad.


How to access Patio

Patio is an intranet of University of Oulu and it could be accessed in University's network. When using Patio outside the University's network, you need to log in using your user account of the university.

Helpdesks for the staff

Service Desk for staff

Service Desk of  IT Administration Services is the it-helpdesk for the staff. Contact: | tel. 0294 483 124


Helpdesk of Mobile Devices

Mobile Services guide in use of mobile services of the university. Contact: | tel. 0294 483 164