For the staff

Only those instructions and links which the one belonging to the staff can need when being outside the network of the university have been collected in this page. Guidelines of IT Services aimed at the staff and users comparable with the staff (researcher, ufo) could be found in intranet Patio.

User account and password:

Rules of use

Information and guidelines:

Remote use

The VPN remote connection makes the use of the ICT services and resources possible from outside the university network. The remote services can be for example different remote desktops through which you can use licensed programmes and network drives of the university. To use these services remotely, first install a VPN client and then a remote desktop (RDP) connection.

How to access Patio

Patio is an intranet of University of Oulu and it could be accessed in the university's network. When using Patio outside the network, you need to log in using your O365-username which is based on the university user account.

Helpdesk for the staff

Campus ICT support service

You can turn to Campus ICT support service in all ICT matters of the University of Oulu (UO) and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS).